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18 tips to help you drink more water.

The body of an adult is made up of 60 percent water and our blood is 90 percent water.

As much as we all are aware of the importance of drinking water, it is a struggle to actually implement for various reasons.

The importance of staying hydrated all through the day is numerous.

A glass of sparkling water

Yet why is it so difficult to make something as simple as drinking some water a number of times during the day a habit so daunting?

A number of factors are responsible;

If you are like me, you just don’t enjoy the taste of plain water, you would rather take other flavored drinks and soda in place of water.

But there is not much you can benefit from replacing water with other liquids, they just don’t fit in the shoes of water.

Yes, beverages contain liquid or water but with extra calories or caffeine or alcohol. They are not healthy either.

Water is the only liquid you can consume without the addition of more calories to your system.

Sometimes even when you may want to incorporate drinking of more water into your lifestyle, you forget. Life gets in the way.

There are a lot of things you need to do during the course of your day that may relegate drinking sufficient water to the background.

You may not like the idea of having to use the bathroom too often, so you’d rather drink less water to avoid that.

To help you get more serious with the water intake thing, let’s go over some of the benefits of staying hydrated.

Benefits of drinking more water;

Aids digestion;

Drinking enough water helps your digestive system process the food you take in more easily.

It gets sufficient fluid to work properly because water enhances the formation of saliva and mucus that stimulates digestion.

 It boosts skin health and beauty;

When the body is hydrated as a result of drinking enough water, you feel it in your skin too due to sufficient moisture derived from your water intake.

This, in turn, makes your skin less prone to wrinkles and breakout.

Moisture from drinking enough water makes the skin supple.

Prevents kidney damage;

The kidney is responsible for purifying the blood, processing waste removal from the body and keeping the right amount of electrolytes in the body.

And drinking enough water helps your kidneys carry out their functions effectively and without much stress.

It delivers oxygen throughout the body;     

Drinking more water will enable sufficient oxygen get delivered across our bloodstream. This results in proper circulation.

Regulates blood pressure;

Water has been proven to regulate blood pressure. In certain study conducted, it was found that participants who increased water intake over a period of time recorded a reduction in their blood pressure.

It regulates body temperature;

Drinking enough water is said to regulate the body temperate because of the hydrating and cooling effect.

Enhances weight loss;

Drinking a lot of water has been very effective in enhancing weight loss and the reason is obvious.

Replacing other calorie-packed drinks and beverages with water will unquestionably enhance weight loss.

The more water you drink, the lower the calories you are likely to take in from other food and drinks hence, reduction in weight.

Reduces hangover;

Water reduces hangover because of its cooling and hydrating effect on the body relaxes the nerves.

Flushes toxins and body waste;

Drinking enough water helps the liver to flush toxins and waste from the body. Water is the best detoxifying agent the body would ever need.

When you drink enough water your body needs very little helps to detoxify.

Lubricates the joints;

Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contains around 80 percent water. 

They need a sufficient amount of water to avoid friction and shock.

How much water do you need?

There is no generally accepted amount of water that should be taken by every single person.

Water needs may vary from person to person due to body weight, gender, activity level, age and climate and so on.

Men may need more water than women. About 2.5 to 3 liters of water (13 cups) of water or total fluid may be sufficient.

Taking about 2 to 2.2 liters (9 cups) of water or total fluid may work well for women.

Drinking water whenever you feel thirsty will be enough to help you consume the right quantity of water for your daily needs.

However, just drinking to quench thirst may not be sufficient for older persons, pregnant women, and athletes.

If you drink more coffee and caffeinated drinks you will need more water.

Fun water

But that doesn’t come easy, does it?

Below are a few tips that can help you drink more water;

Set realistic goals;

You don’t want to set goals that would seem out of reach and altogether impossible to achieve.

It won’t be realistic to expect yourself to go from drinking less than a liter a day to drinking 3 liters straight.

Even your body may not be able to adjust so abruptly.

You could start by adding a quarter or half cup a day for a period of time and increase it subsequently.

Flavor your water;

For me, this really helped, it makes water not taste so boring. You get to add different flavors to your water.

You even get to harness your creative abilities by adding new twists to your flavoring hacks.

You can check out this post on flavored water recipes.

Drink water before meals;

Drinking water before meals will help you increase your water intake. When you drink before meals you are most likely to also drink during or after meals.

This will also help you eat less thereby consuming lower calories.

Set reminders;

One of the reasons you may find it difficult to keep up with drinking enough water is been forgetful.

Setting reminders will help with that. You could set reminders for drinking every 30 mins or 1 hour.

Keep reusable water bottles;

When you have something on sight, it is almost impossible to forget doing it. So carry a water bottle along everywhere to serve as a reminder to drink.

It’s easy to just pick up and take a drink rather than having to get up for a cup whenever you need a drink of water.

Refill your cup or bottle;

Make it a duty to refill your cup or bottle the moment you finish the last drop of water. That way you will have water available for your next sip.

Sip all through the day;

Take a sip all day, no matter how little you sip you will end up drinking much water for the day. This will also help your body adapt easily to taking in more water.

Get a smart and fancy water bottle;

We are all attracted to beauty and having it around us always has a way of making us want to peek.

So get a smart and fancy one with your favorite color and see how it makes you drink more often.

I know you are not a baby, but trust me it works. Though you may not be a baby, you are human.

Use a straw;

When you drink with a straw you tend to not take note of how much quantity you end up drinking because it is so easy.

And if you just don’t like the taste of water you tend to forget when you use a straw.

Make your food spicier;

(This is not for people with the ulcer) You will drink water with almost every bite if you do this.

It may even help you eat less and eventually lose some weight or at least not add weight.

Replace other drinks with water;

Whenever you get the craving to take other drinks like soda or juices, it would help to just pick up your bottle a take a drink.

This will reduce if not completely satiate the craving.

Eat water;

Eat more fruits and vegetables high in liquid. These may include; cucumber, watermelons, Pineapples, tomatoes, spinach, grapefruits, grape, oranges, cherries and broccoli.

But while at it, remember that when cooked, much of their water content will be lost. So they are better taken raw.

Juicy fruits can keep you hydrated too because of their high water content.

Add lots of ice to your drinks, tea, and smoothies;

If you are a lover of juices, teas and smoothies or even cocktails, adding a lot of ice to these can also be a way to increase water intake.

Drink whenever you use the bathroom;

When you use the bathroom (even if you don’t like to use it frequently) you should take a drink of water to replenish your output.

 This also makes it easier if you don’t have a bottle. So before you sit back, drink.

Drink water before taking coffee;

If you are a coffee person, you should know that you would need more water than if you are not.

So one way to make sure you get more is to drink water before taking coffee.

Take water before bed and after waking up;

Drinking water before bed will keep you hydrated through the night and increase blood circulation.

So apart from helping you drink more water, it has added benefits for you.

And you should also drink water when you wake up. It has numerous health benefits including the prevention of kidney stones.

Give yourself a treat if you meet your goals;

Treat yourself to something you rarely do or have when you meet your short term and long term goal of drinking more water.

It’s for your health and you deserve it for being a good girl.

It’s amazing how our body gets used to having enough water when you have worked to cultivate the habit.

You’ll be amazed how your body craves water and it would be so easy to drink enough water.

Moderation is key;

I always say this, anything in excess, no matter how good, will have an adverse effect.

There is actually an adverse effect to drinking too much water. I know the feeling when you realize the time is 4 pm and you have not even drunk water all day.

Hello… that’s not when you go and start pumping water into your body.

All you need do is drink water when you remember and at intervals.

Ice cubes

Water intoxication is deadly;

It’s also known as water poisoning. This happens mostly when there is too much water in the body and the brain cells swell thereby putting much pressure on the brain.

The danger is not in drinking too much water throughout the day but drinking too much over a short period of time.

The kidney can excrete about 28 liters of water per day, and gosh! That’s a lot of water. However, it can’t excrete more than 1 liter per hour.

So it’s important to always remember not to gulp in too much water in a too-short time.

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