About Us

Hey there, I'm Becca Andres, I'm glad to have you here. And since you are here then maybe we both may have something in common.

Maybe you love serving yourself and family HEALTHY and you like to make sure your HEALTHY doesn't come out boring and tasteless.

Or you want to keep fit and you know somehow you can achieve that by eating healthy.

Or maybe you have a body goal you desire and you are looking for ways to achieve that simply by minding your eating habits.

All of that or just one makes the two of us. You are in the right place and together we will get it right.

I believe every awesome Mom can make easy, fast, fresh and HEALTHY meals on a budget.

Here I help busy Moms succeed at healthy eating along with their families without sacrificing taste, flavor and the fun.

What's on Healthy Yums Vine?

I created Healthy Yums Vine because I found out healthy eating can be awesome and doesn't have to be complicated and boring.

So here, you'll find ways to help you and your family get on the healthy eating lifestyle journey.

You'll find great tips to help you get it right from the start, stick to it and love the hell outta it.

I provide regular healthy eating tips, healthy, easy and budget-friendly recipes to help you have fun while also achieving your desired body goals.

And here at Healthy Yums Vine, you find different healthy recipes inspired by travel and diverse culture.

It's good to have you here and a good sign too because it shows how much you care about yourself and your family.

You want to make sure you have all the resources in terms of knowledge to eat Healthy with your family.

Why Healthy eating is a thing for me

The Healthy eating lifestyle awareness has always been a concern to me because I was (or still am) a picky eater.

Right from a tender age I was aware I had to eat HEALTHY because I didn't like healthy meals.

But I always got told how much I needed it and how I can't have whatever I wanted.

Back then, Healthy meals just sucked so much and I'd rather stay hungry than have something that had certain 'Healthy Stuffs'.

So, trust me, I know first-hand how difficult it can get to deal with picky eaters because I was one.

And because HEALTHY eating use to feel like a boring tasteless and annoying lifestyle, I hated it.

But only until my Mom got me.

I have to say I feel sorry now, having my own kids and realizing just how frustrating it can get. I mean I didn't get it then.

Well, along with the tips my own Mom used to get me to eat Healthy, and more from research and many mummy friends, I know we can get it right.

Keeping fit as a Mom with Healthy eating

I also believe you can achieve or maintain any body goal by simply eating healthy. It's the reason why I look for easy, fast and fun ways to eat healthy.

And there is no wrong time to start, it's never too late to get started at healthy eating.

Whatever stage you're at now, even if you are already feeling the effects of not eating healthy. This is the right time for you.

The Ideal You is You right now

Here at Healthy Yums Vine, we don't consider any body weight or size as the Ideal one. There is no Ideal body, just healthy body.

However you look now is the ideal you as long as you are healthy.

So we don't care what the media considers 'the Ideal body', it's the reason why there are so many unhappy Moms. And that is crazy.

So far, I have seen the awesome benefits that comes from just being conscious of what goes into our body in form of food.

That is not to say we discourage you from aiming to achieve any body goal you might dream of.

I just don't agree you are half yourself because you are not there yet.

And you can achieve some awesome results just by eating healthy and making some not so extreme little changes.

It has improved the health and wellness of people around me, family members, friends and even my very self.

I know the struggle because I have been there. And I'm here to share with you the awesome tips that helped me not give up altogether.

So let's start, sign up for weekly tips and recipes so we can have an awesome experience of healthy eating together.