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Easy Tips to Lose Weight without exercise

We get busy with life as we strive to be better.

It’s so easy to want to give up on ourselves and just allow our busy lifestyles get in the way of our feeling good about ourselves (our looks especially).

And keeping up with daily struggles and expectations is not easy. (Trying to be the super mom, wife, employee, friend, home keeper) and then making time to exercise seems impossible.

But it is possible to keep the shape and look your best by eating healthy and making a few lifestyle changes.

I know a lot of persons who lose weight big time by trying these tips. They do work, I can assure you that

Why it is difficult

First off I know how living a hectic life can affect us adversely. But I also know how bad it could be not to try anything to get that dream size or weight loss goal.

Talking as someone who’s been there (you always feel a little beneath yourself and it will affect everything). Mostly your relationships and home, I can assure you it’s not easy.

I remembered how I tried to work out. But working out and not being consistent is a terrible waste of precious time and energy.

So how do you go on the journey of balancing everything without feeling like you are losing it? I hate being tired but who can help it?

We have to work to provide for our family’s needs and still be there for them.

So I came across a number of ways you can achieve your dream of being “super” all round.

I could go all out about how I have tried all these diets and workout routine (some of which actually works, we’ll get to that later).

However, I felt really thrilled when I found out I could get even better results without breaking a sweat. It’s a fun way to lose weight or keep in shape and feel good.

Healthy eating and a few changes to your lifestyle may be all you need to shed some weight.

But don’t freak out because I mentioned healthy eating, it is interesting and easy. With these awesome healthy eating tips, you will surely win at it.

Now if I could I would tell you it’s easy and that you can achieve your weight loss goal without any effort or sacrifice (it sure comes with sacrifice, but they are worth it).

Well, I’m sorry NO. But I can assure you it’s going to be fun eventually.

Awesome tips to lose weight without breaking a sweat;

DON’T Skipped breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast of cereals garnished with strawberries and pineapple juice

For starters, that’s the number one thing I discovered could help with any weight loss program you ever embark on.

Think about it except you are going on a fast, it doesn’t seem right to starve yourself for more than twelve hours.

This is how it goes: you probably ate your last meal for the previous day say by 9:00 PM and went to bed.

It’s is just a case scenario, it could even have been earlier. Now please count down from 9:00 PM till Morning say about 8:00 AM (which is likely the earliest you can eat Breakfast).

That’s about eleven hours of not eating anything (no wonder we sometimes crave night snack).

Come on that is a long enough time to not eat, considering we normally take three square meals during the day.

So if you skipped breakfast, it’s not fair on your body.

And you can’t blame it when it fights back and you end up eating much more than you would normally eat during the remaining part of the day, or when it stores more fat and carbs for downtime.

So the bottom line, if there is any meal you should go without for the day, it definitely shouldn’t be breakfast.

In the weight loss journey, being realistic is a major skill, it can never be overemphasized.

Eat only when you are hungry

Food is for getting the necessary nutrients and that should be the ultimate reason why you eat.

Barbecued stick meats on a stove well cooked

Resist the urge to eat because a friend or colleague just came in with a pack of chips or anything and offers you one.

Be sure you are hungry before you reach for your lunch or snack, sometimes all you really need is a drink of refreshing water.

Reduce portions:

Our body is a good storage system, don’t underestimate its power, it has the ability to store excess not used by the body.

Fat mostly builds from excess calories left without use by the body. You can actually achieve this in a number of ways.

One way is to stop eating before you are full; The more often you do this the more your body gets used to being half full and half-full eventually becomes full.

Yes, you heard right, it works all the time if you could.

I have personally tried it.

I’m not really big eater thou, but I remembered a time in my life when I gradually increased portions by eating more than I originally would eat.

It has a way of expanding your bowels and the portions you eat. The same goes for portion reduction.

Another way you could do it is by using smaller dishes to serve food. Come on, we’re no longer growing so we don’t have to eat enough to grow taller, Do we?. 

The smaller the dish, the smaller the portion you’ll serve and you may realize that you’ll be less likely to go for second servings.

You could also decide to share meals, yes this also helps, but it is relative.

Some persons tend to eat more when they share a meal, but some persons eat less.

So if you are going to try this you have to be keenly aware of which of the two groups you are placed.

A meal of chicken breasts and vegetables

Slow down your pace while eating:

Naturally, I’m a slow eater, but a number of persons in my circle eat like they are running 100m race.

I used to feel bad that I could just sit for 30mins or more eating a little portion of food which would not even take some persons I know 5mins.

Then I found out it helps to lose weight and I started taking the statistics of the two groups of persons I know and realized it was true.

You even eat less when you slow down, and you get to chew better and savor the taste of your food, hence enjoying even more.

To help you eat more slowly, try to chew properly and take smaller bits with each bite of food you eat.

Savor the taste and flavor of your food and feel the emotions that come with each flavor. This way, you will enjoy your food even more.

Drop your fork or spoon in between bites and take your time to finish each bites before you continue.

Eliminate Distraction during a meal

Getting distractions during a meal will make you eat more and you don’t get to enjoy your meal.

So, make sure you make your mealtime distraction-free. This way you will be more conscious of your eating habits, the volume of food you take.

Keep your phone aside, out of your reach and avoid watching the TV reading or using a computer while eating.

Stop eating before you feel full

The brain takes some minutes to register satiety, so it’s important to listen to your body while eating to enable you to track your satisfaction level.

Normally, when you are truly hungry before you start eating, the first few bites are the most enjoyable. With each subsequent bite the appreciation reduces.

A glass of sparkling water with ice cubes

So stop for some time to listen to your body and determine when you are full and then stop. Whatever amount of food you eat after satiety is useless to your body.

Drink flavored water

Flavoring your water helps you drink more water and you also get to reap numerous health benefits from the fruits and vegetables you may use.

This is the best way to burn some stubborn excess fat without much stress.

Most of the fruits and vegetables you’ll use for flavoring your water have fat-burning properties.

There are many ways to achieve this and you get to add your own favorite flavors. Check out these flavored water recipes.

Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

If you are like me, you will not like this part. But do not worry. There are ways you can incorporate more of these in your diet without having to hate it every step.

You could go the smoothie way, and there are a whole lot of interesting recipes to make your vegetables taste like dessert in a cup.

Cut the Sugar

I must warn you, this one definitely needs some measure of self-will and sacrifice, because, who doesn’t enjoy treats.

I do and almost all such treats are packed full of sugar and carbs.

It hurts to pass when you really crave a particular cold soda or a hot dog or even pizza.

However, with each resistance, you get more determined.

So don’t get discouraged if initially, you are not as disciplined as you would want.

Eventually, it gets easier as you celebrate every win, but you have to be careful while celebrating. Don’t tell yourself you have to celebrate every win with indulgence.

Replace Soda or Coffee with Tea

The purpose of this write-up is to help you lose some weight healthily without having to work out. And the healthy aspect of it is the focus.

So if you are a coffee lover, I’m sorry to kill your groove but this is important. I’m not saying coffee is bad but Tea is healthier.

You’ll benefit more from taking good old tea, so just dump the coffee and go for tea.

Accept relapse and move on

Yes, it will come, it happens to people trying to break an addiction.

It’s called a relapse, a time when you knowingly or for lack of will go back to eating and indulging.

But it’s normal, the mistake some people make is thinking they are not cut out for this and stop trying altogether.

I know a portion of the Holy Bible that says, “the righteous falls seven times and gets right up” it means a relapse does not mean failure.

It just means get back up and continue from where you stopped.

Don’t Binge Drink:

This is one big enemy of a fit body. The two just don’t align. If you drink too much, don’t expect to lose weight.

I have friends that could just go on drinking and not even consider stopping (as long as someone else is buying), they just don’t have the resolve.

Yet, I also have friends who will never take more than a bottle no matter what happens. I believe anyone can do it.

Maybe you are resolved never to take more than a bottle or a glass of alcohol.

It’s actually gratifying, yes, you go out with a number of friends for drinks, while it might not be easy to stop when they are just starting, it gives this satisfaction of being in charge of your life.

Even much more will it be fulfilling to always be picked as the one to drive because you got a hold on yourself.

It’s not pride, I just love it when my guide is not down because of something as inanimate as alcohol, I get to stay in charge.

So you could just resolve how much you’re going to be taking and stick to it.

Sleep more:

You may be wondering, ‘doesn’t sleep help us relax and gain more weight?’ Nah, that’s not how it works.

The more sleep you deprive yourself the more prone you will be to eat more to make up for the uneasy feeling.

Really sleep time is when our body gets to process all the nutrients we take in and even burn fat, yes our body burns fat during sleep.

It’s true and having gone through a hectic day, that’s the least we could do for our body, rest it in order to function properly.

You can’t cheat with that and get away with it.

Drink more water

Pouring water on a glass cup

This is a major issue for a lot of persons and some factors contribute to it, the major one being that we simply forget to drink.

It used to happen to me a lot and it’s so frustrating to be close to the end of the day and realized you have not even drunk up to a fraction of your water drinking requirement for the day.

What has really helped me is having water handy because you shouldn’t get dehydrated before drinking (it is not healthy at all).

It helps to have a can of water within reach and in eye range, it serves as a reminder. Get more tips on drinking more water here.

The benefits of being hydrated all through the day are inexhaustive.

Walk more;

Yes walk more, that’s it.

I know I said no exercise, and you won’t normally qualify a simple walk as an exercise.

However, this is not hard, just walk some distance every day, it doesn’t have to be a mile.

And walking is more fun and rewarding when you walk around nature.

So, if you plan on going on morning walks or whatever time of the day you choose, great. If possible, find places that are more surrounded by nature and enjoy the view while on it.

Just get active.

So, losing weight without exercise is possible. All you need is to stick with a healthy eating lifestyle and enjoy your journey.

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